Christopher S. Meyer (dodger6500) wrote,
Christopher S. Meyer

This forces me to post my anger on the internet somewhere

Taken from GameSpyPC's explanation of their #5 ranking of Deus Ex: Invisible War in the top 10 games of 2003:

" Deus Ex: Invisible War had the unenviable task of being the follow up to Deus Ex, GameSpy's 2000 Game of the Year, and a title that's often lauded as being one of the best games ever. So how did the team over at Ion Storm Austin respond to the pressure? Simple, they made the game smaller. They removed some of the more cumbersome aspects of Deus Ex's gameplay like ammo management and the skills system, and instead focused on immersing the player in the dystopian world of 2072.

Well, mission accomplished! Deus Ex: Invisible War grabs you from the opening cinematic and just never lets you go. Rather than rely on scripted sequences and tight linear gameplay. DX:IW feels almost completely open. There are almost no restrictions on what you as a player can do. Want to rampage through the world as a gun-toting psychopath? The game allows that. Want to play as the stealthy operative with Machiavellian political skills? The game allows that, too. "

These 2 paragraphs can be summarized thusly: GameSpyPC is a fool.

Sure, this game is immersive and realistic, if you can accept the fact that your flame thrower uses the same kind of ammo as your sniper rifle or shotgun, OR feel that being able to shoot a guard twice in the face without him getting upset is realistic.

Ion Storm sold out like the money-grubbing scumbags they apparently are.

This game is a piece of shit. I'd like to say its only bad because DX1 was so good, but that's really a lie. This game is garbage.

DON'T BUY IT, don't waste your money, and don't give it to someone so undeserving.
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