Christopher S. Meyer (dodger6500) wrote,
Christopher S. Meyer

Happy birthday to me

Today (actually yesterday, which ended half an hour ago) is my birthday. I am 21. I did not go out with my friends, or really try to, because its not a huge deal for me as I do not really drink. I did open presents from my girlfriend, parents, sister, and open cards w/ money from my grandparents.

The Loot
From my parents and sister:
GameBoy Advance SP (seen below)
A fan for my room/dorm room
An accessory kit for for the GBA
From my grandparents:
From my loving girlfriend:
MVP Baseball 2003 for PC
A Dodgers shirt
Field of Dreams on DVD
The new issue of PC Gamer

I'm not materialistic, I swear....

We went out to eat at the Texas Roadhouse, where none of us had ever been, and it was some damn good eating. This girl sitting behind us was also 21 today, only had the misfortune of having parents who tell the waitress. It was funny, we heard them singing for a birthday for the 2nd time, but this time like 20 of them come trampling over towards us, and past us, rolling a saddle-stool kinda thing that they made the poor girl sit on while they sang to her. Then later, after dropping my nearly 18 but not 21 year old sister off, we went to the casino, where I somewhat quickly lost $30. Oh well, there was free pop.

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